Above Santa Fe 24"x18"

Above Santa Fe


Creek Near Llano Oil Painting 20"x16"

Creek Near Llano
Oil Painting

Laguna Gloria Sketch Oil Painting 20"x16"

Laguna Gloria Sketch
Oil Painting

Barton Creek 16"x20"

Barton Creek

Canyon Oil Painting 18"x24"

Oil Painting

Glimmer Rock Oil Painting 36"x48"

Glimmer Rock
Oil Painting

April Oil Painting 48"x72"

Oil Painting

Sky with Clouds Oil Painting 16"x20"

Sky with Clouds
Oil Painting


  1. Came to this website to see if any of Jimmy’s paintings from Austin airport were sold as giclee reproductions as I love the Green Austin paintings. Large paintings as well. Interesting blog on this website as my experience mirrors those comments. Before a certain time period, the paintings were at eye level at airport as one went through security. They were then moved far above the viewer’s eye, difficult to even notice much less appreciate. Guess I have to petition to get the location changed.

    Reading more about Giclee, not sure you would have for the Green Austin series as I didn’t realize that type of reproduction didn’t exist until relatively recently.

    If you could send me a price range for the Glimmer Rock, Sky and April painting.

    Sincerely, Patricia Gallagher

  2. Hello, I have been admiring this artist since the early 1990’s when I saw his work in the Mueller Airport and I have searched the internet for more images many times over the years. Those paintings were of creeks, rocks, trees, and really captured the Austin that I love.

  3. Wondering how/where one could buy prints or original landscapes by Jalapeeno. Please let me know if there are any dealers out there.

    1. I have a Jimmy Jalapeeno print I am willing to let go. A landscape. Will give you more info if you are interested. Hate to part w it, but on fixed income now.

  4. Is there a gallery in Austin or San Antonio that has Jimmy Jalapeno original landscape paintings for sale? If not, where?

  5. I own, and love, a watercolor painted by Mr. Jalapeno in 1985 circa. It is water color on paper, 20 x30 inches, and is titled, Near Decker Lake.
    Could you tellme the approximate value of this piece?

    Thank you.

    Ron Wilkinson

  6. Hello,

    Do you have any giclee reproductions of the Blunn Creek paining currently displayed in the Austin airport? My grandmother, who was the driving force behind establishing the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve, has recently passed and I would love a copy of this painting to gift to my dad. Also, how much does the “April” painting cost?

    Thank you!

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